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Why hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

According to a Redfin study, "Homes listed with Professional Real Estate Photos sell quicker and for more money." The study goes on to say that houses shot with a DSLR camera sell from anywhere from 5% to 17% more. (Id like to add that is Naples Luxury Real Estate Photography's official camera.) Photos shot with a DSLR also would receive 61% more online views than their competition. And to make that online statistic even more important over 90% of Americans go online to shop for property.

So why can't I just buy a DSLR camera and take my own pictures?

You absolutely can but there's 2 reasons why you shouldn't. Money and Time. A professional photographer has spent years acquiring and learning about his/her camera equipment and how to use software to enhance photos and video.

But as any professional Real Estate Agent knows; "Time is Money" and you'll need pictures sooner than later. Hiring a professional photographer can help save you both Time and Money.

Unprofessional Photographer

I'd like to emphasize this:

Hire a Professional.

Just because someone has a DSLR Camera and took a college course on photography, doesn't make them a professional photographer. It's important to look at their work and meet or at least talk to them to get a sense of their personality and how they present themselves. After all, this photographer will be in your clients homes, and very likely around your clients. And their photos will reflect your business and your brand. So hiring a professional will positively reflect on your reputation as a proficient Realtor. Thus yielding more fruitful relationships with clients, that will be more likely to refer their friends and family to you, who you can impress again, and so on and so on.

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