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5 Tips to Make a Room Look Bigger

Updated: May 13, 2020

5 Tips to Make a Room Look Bigger for Realtors/Stagers

1. Open the Blinds. Of all the beautiful electronic lamps and lights that we use, there is no match for the power of the Sun and the wonderful Natural Light it provides us. Another advantage to opening up the blinds is now the viewer can see outside. The space will feel more open and breathable . Close your eyes and imagine being in a cold concrete room with no windows. Now imagine the same cold concrete room but this one has a window and you can see a grassy green meadow with pine trees and a creek running through it, while mountains stood against the sky like a Bob Ross painting . Which Room would you rather be in? The room with the window wins every time.

2. Mirrors. Have you ever been by a large mirror on a wall? Maybe in a cramped space like a dressing room. The mirror gives you the feeling that more space exists optically. Unlike Windows, Mirrors are the illusion of space and a great tool to give a sense of depth beyond the walls that they hang on. Just make sure they're clean!

3. Furniture. Furniture can make or break a room. If you have a small room then it should have a small bed. Even though bigger furniture may be more luxurious and expensive, it can make a medium sized room feel tiny and not fit right, like a child walking around in his dad's shoes. If furniture is too tall it can make the ceilings seem low. So make sure to use the appropriate sized furniture. Also make sure furniture is generally pressed against the wall as the more open floor space there is the room will feel bigger. And this ties into the next one but less is more. Don't clutter your home with furniture otherwise it will feel cramped.

4. Cleanliness is Godliness. Like I said before make sure your mirrors are clean and there isn't clutter anywhere. As a general rule. Surfaces look better and bigger without ANYTHING on them. So put the soap dispenser under the sink and hide your remotes. Try to keep your surfaces as empty and clean as possible. If you have decorative pieces of sculpture on tables, limit it to one on a surface. As too many objects can make a space feel cluttered and block a persons field of vision, making the space feel more closed. Always remember that Less is More and to Keep it Simple!

5. Pay Attention to Floor Space. Probably the most important one that ties in with the others. Of all the surfaces that you should want to keep open. The floor is definitely the most important. As a general rule to live by, you want to see as much of the floor as possible from where a person would walk into the room. So pick up objects or furniture that is unnecessary and put it into the garage/attic/closet/laundry room. Your floor space is a more valuable asset on camera, than any of those other rooms.

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