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How to Survive Covids Effect on Real Estate

Note*** Please practice safe habits and social distancing when going to properties.

Covid has effected Realtors tremendously, as homebuyers are much more cautious about going out, and sellers are more hesitant about listing their homes. Fortunately housing prices haven't dropped and there still is money to be made. Realtors are survivors. They will adapt to whatever circumstances get thrown at them. I've seen it everyday. It's impressive to see people selling homes and interacting with clients more remotely now.

I've also seen an increase in Realtors buying more packages for online content. People who once only bought photos. Now are springing for Photo and Video Packages. Even custom shoots have seen an increase. The bar has been raised.

To better adapt with the new demands realtors require we came up with an affordable "Virtual Open House" ad on, where clients can talk about the listing, introduce themselves, and give a a tour of their listing. It has had a really positive impact. I see Realtors posting the videos on their social media and getting lots of engagements.

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