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What's the best time to Book a Real Estate Photoshoot?

The Short/General Answer: As close to noon or when the sun is directly above. Why? Because it when the sun is directly above it casts the least amount of shadows in ever direction of the house. A smart Photographer will take advantage of this lighting and shoot the entirety of the exterior all at once.

The Long/Specific Answer: It depends on the property and situation. What direction is the Home facing? If the front of the house is facing east then perhaps a little before noon would be a better time. Which would give just enough time for the Photographer to shoot the front of the house first, then move into the interior. While he/she is shooting the interior, the sun will likely have moved to the back of the home.

Think of the Ancient Sun Dial

Although Florida is known for unpredictable weather patterns. There are some advantages of photographing a home on cloudy days, as when everything is covered in shadows the Photos will have more evenly distributed light. Some Realtors even prefer it after seeing the amazing possibilities of Photoshop come to fruition. But with clouds come the increased risk of rain, which is disappointing to everyone involved because it postpones the process of moving forward.

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